Voice-over-IP solutions have amazing benefits over legacy telephony including cost savings, feature improvements, and flexibility. The convergence of voice and data make implementing VoIP solutions and phone systems a serious consideration for any size business, however the multitude of options can be daunting. A good VoIP implementation not only satisfies your telephony needs, but it also takes into account the surrounding network infrastructure and works flawlessly in your specific environment.

Using VoIP Doctors to make network recommendations can help you navigate through your existing hardware and proactively eliminate most causes of audio issues. We can assist you through any stage of your network upgrade for VoIP Doctors Hosted VoIP Solutions, utilizing industry best practices and providing experienced advice throughout.

Not only can we make recommendations on network upgrades, but through several of our preferred partners, we can also recommend MSPs (Managed Service Providers). These MSPs are well-versed in configuring and setting up a multitude of services, including building networks to meet the specifications of our VoIP services.