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Why Choose VoIP Doctors?

VoIP Doctors Business Telecom helps organizations to modernize their business telecommunications technology and empower employees with scalable Cloud Communications / UCaaS & CCaaS / IP PBX phone systems for on-site, remote work, and hybrid-work VoIP Telecom, Internet, and Mobile / Cellular Solutions. We find operational efficiencies by streamlining your expenses, reducing labor, and leveraging Telecom technology to work better for your business needs so that you can redeploy and reinvest savings in your business.


In addition to Hosted VoIP and Hosted PBX Services, we offer Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, SIP Trunking, Consulting Services including communications infrastructure design, RFP creation and process management, custom telecom engineering, VoIP and related Telecommunications phones and equipment, and Data solutions with a cybersecurity and business continuity / resiliency focus throughout. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and their in-house or outsourced IT departments to design, implement, and maintain cloud and premise-based telecom solutions. Read our Capability Statement.

What makes VoIP Doctors different from your current telecom provider?

  •   Solutions-driven, Relationship-based, and Customized VoIP Offerings

  •   VoIP Doctors is the Telecom company to other Telecom and IT companies, delivering telecom service, engineering, and compliance behind the scenes.

  •   Cybersecurity-focused VoIP Services & Consulting 

  •   US-based support, from seasoned professionals who know YOUR business

  •   Onboarding training for all of your key users

  •   Predictable, transparent cost management for your organization

  •   SOC II Type 2 and HIPAA Compliant Systems and Data Centers 

Our Executive Team - 

Hala Shawaf Barson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder:​

Hala leads the Business Development, Integration, and Strategy teams at VoIP Doctors. A passionate believer in the benefits of leveraging technological tools to empower people, she ensures that technology and human talent combine to provide the best possible resources and solutions for her clients. Prior to co-founding VoIP Doctors, Hala worked with businesses of all sizes from Main Street to Middle Market as well as municipal and non-profit organizations to devise and implement digital solutions to create operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, and make people happy (employees and clients alike!).


Hala is active in community development and is an avid volunteer. She is engaged in several non-profit boards and committees, with a particular focus on Access to the Arts, Access to Behavioral Health Services, and Diverse Entrepreneurship.


Michael A. Barson, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder:​


Michael leads the Technology and Engineering teams at VoIP Doctors and oversees systems architecture and strategy for the company. From working with consumers and small businesses in the early days of the commercial Internet to designing and implementing 21st-Century solutions for Fortune 500 companies, Michael has a passion for finding the best possible solution for his clients. With two decades of carefully-honed IT and VoIP expertise as both a user and a systems developer, he has the knowledge and industry network to provide his clients best-in-class VoIP telephony solutions.

Outside of the office, Michael has a long history of volunteerism and fundraising, with an emphasis on animal rescue, environmental organizations, and STEAM Education/Technology Job Readiness. Michael was honored to serve in an appointed position on the 2020-2021 Township of Moorestown Technology Committee.


Bertie the Rescue Pup, Chief Morale Officer:


Bertie loves squirrels, snuggles, and squishy bananas. His special skills include keeping the atmosphere light via endearing antics, reminding humans to stand and walk with more tenacity than an Apple Watch, and breaking the ice with tail wags and his irrepressible spirit. He was a frequent Zoom-bomber during #workfromhome life in 2020, and his other claim to fame is having the fastest tongue in the West. Seriously, you should see this pup “taste the air” when there’s something delicious happening in the kitchen. 

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