Keeping your organization performing and able to make-and-receive calls when disaster strikes is a key challenge for business owners. The effects of extended downtime on your service, sales, and operations can be extremely damaging and costly.

One of the most important things to consider when implementing a new communication solution (or evaluating the performance of an existing communication solution) is how it will react under the stress of a disaster situation or failure of a core component. Most traditional telephone systems have multiple single points of failure and the effects on a business can be large, including the possibility of lost sales, irritated customers, and demotivated employees.

VoIP Doctors incorporates robust Business Continuity strategies into all of our solutions.  Some of the main features are highlighted below:

  • Diverse internet connectivity with automated fail-over

  • Hosted VoIP and unified communications in offsite enterprise-class infrastructure

  • Virtualization of premise equipment across multiple hosts to eliminate single points of failure

  • Automated rerouting of inbound calls

  • Active-Standby and Active-Active SIP Trunking for complete resilience

  • Inbound services portal

  • Unified Communications (UCaas) Solutions for onsite, remote, and hybrid work