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VoIP has a wide array of features. Below are some commonly used features and functionality of our UCaaS and CCaaS Plans.

Auto Attendant

Attended Transfer

Blind Transfer

Call Parking

Busy Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding When not Registered

Follow Me – Advanced Call Forwarding

Call Forward on No Answer

Call Hold

Call Transfer

Call Waiting Indicator

Conference Calling

Do Not Disturb

E911 Support and Compliance

Extension Dialing

Live Person Answering

Music On Hold

Ring Groups


Enhanced Voicemail

Automatic Call Distribution

Call Detail Records

Call Queues

Caller ID Name and Number

Call Blocking


IVR Features and Menus

Mobile Twinning

Direct Inward Systems Access

Mobile Softphones

Web Portal Access and Management

Desktop Softphones

Remote Support

Speed Dial

Faxing via Website

Faxing From a Fax Machine

Voicemail to Email

Call Presence

Conference Center with Bridge

Unlimited Calls US and Canada

Call Recording

Call Center Functionality

Call Barging

Call Center Statistics

Call Monitoring

Call Whispering


Call Flows

Time Conditions

Call/Group Pickup

Call Redirection

Dial By Name

Device Provisioning

Enhanced Reporting

Fax Detection

Operator Panel

Shared Line/Call Appearance

Streaming Hold Music

Virtual Office

Video Calling

Voicemail Transcription

Disaster Resistant Setup

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