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Hosted VoIP Services

VoIP Doctors Hosted PBX Data Sheet

Empower your organization and fuel your growth with custom-tailored Business Telecommunications Solutions from VoIP Doctors. Unified Communications as a Service and Contact Center as a Service (UCaaS & CCaaS) are scalable hosted telephony services that are both highly customizable and cost efficient.


Our Cloud-based Corporate Telecommunications services are ideal for organizations seeking to modernize with an increasingly mobile/remote workforce: corporate on-site, multi-location, or virtual.


The best part is that transferring your phone services to our hosted platform is easy and will put you on a path to significant savings and operational efficiencies by streamlining your expenses, reducing labor, and improving performance.

Our hosted IP PBX is a VoIP cloud-based, multi-line phone service, which better serves your business and increasingly mobile workforce.  It replaces old and fixed-location legacy phone systems and desk phones with new, more portable Internet phones and / or mobile applications that connect over the Internet to our 24 x 7 network centers. From there we manage everything for you to provide phone service to wherever in the World you have Internet access.

The hosted PBX has an impressive list of features such as virtual offices, call hunting, call queues, conferencing, and paging. Customizable auto-attendants allow you manage your call flows. Each phone extension includes voicemail, call forwarding, call display, call hold and transfer, three-way calling, and so much more.

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