VoIP Doctors

Consulting Services

RFP Creation and Management

Installing or switching to a Voice over IP based phone system can be a daunting process. Should you install a premise-based server? Go with a hosted solution? Which phones should be used? What features are needed? Having a solid RFP (Request for Proposal) that is customized to your business needs is the best way to start sorting through all of the phone system providers and options available.

VoIP Doctors will consult with you to determine the full scope of your business needs, create a custom RFP, submit the RFP to qualifying VoIP providers, and then manage the responses and questions. This proven process is the best and most efficient way to choose the provider who is the best fit for your company.

Installation and Migration

Stepping into a new phone system is always an adjustment for business operations. VoIP Doctors includes support to ensure that any changes, tweaks, and fixes necessary are covered as you transition to the new system.

Best Practice IVR Design

This VoIP Doctors offering includes administrative training for key personnel in order to pass along the base knowledge necessary for administering the system. We also include a combination of written and (coming soon!) video tutorials that you can pass out to your users in order to make the transition to the new PBX as seamless as possible!

SIP Security

Porting phone numbers to a new carrier can be scary! We include assistance with number porting as part of this package. We will oversee the number porting process, and make sure that all paperwork is submitted correctly and any issues are addressed immediately so that you don’t lose calls.